Maintaining a Holiday home that’s not local

Maintaining a Holiday home that’s not local

You have heard about home-sitting by friends, on television or in the newspapers. To have your house guarded, or to have your animals kept at home, does this seem like an idea to dig, but you are still hesitating? Then discover the 10 good reasons that push more and more French to use home-sitters and in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, this is common practice. What do you have to gain?


Protect your home from burglaries

The number of burglaries jumped by 30% between 2008 and 2013. However, there is evidence that during a holiday, an inhabited house will be better protected than empty houses in the same area. Lights lit in the evening, a car in the yard, alleys come, a garden maintained, are all signs of presence that dissuade the prowlers. Milton Keynes Cleaning trusted company


Keep your animals in their usual environment


By staying at home, your animals are happier and less jostled in their habits. Dogs continue to benefit from their usual walks. And for cats, very territorial animals, home-sitting is probably the best solution. Animal care is also the main motivation for people who use home-sitting Dogs, cats, horses are among the animals most often entrusted to home-sitters.


Protect your home from potential claims

Even if you do not always think (fortunately!). Before going on vacation, it is not so rare that claims occur during an absence. Nobody is safe from a big storm causing a power cut (and all that follows: freezers stopped, alarms disabled) or worse a water damage. If your house is inhabited, the necessary measures will be taken with by the reliable builder, as if you were yourself on the spot. And that also protects your home!


Find your maintained garden


Returning from holidays and find a garden as dapper than leaving: it is a pleasure that often expresses the owners who embark for the first time. No more parched flowers and lawn grass as high as a meadow! No need to spend your Sunday mowing the lawn or cleaning your planters! And then a well-kept garden is also a sign of the occupation of the house, and this helps to deter rovers.


Simplify your departure on vacation

A departure on vacation is not always easy: empty the refrigerator closes the shutters, check all features, drive his animals to the pension which is sometimes kilometers, request organization and time. Of course, hosting home-sitters also means receiving them the day before leaving and giving them the instructions. But it is a moment of sharing appreciated, and what comfort, the very day of the departure, to have only the suitcases to slip in the trunk and to leave his key in friendly hands!


Simplify your return from vacation

Return from vacation and find your house clean, airy, with basic provisions in the fridge (yes, you can leave a basic shopping list and a budget, and the home-sitters will be happy to make you this service …) Have you ever thought about it?


Save money if you have animals

Leaving pets at the pension or using “pet-sitters” has its advantages and perfectly meets certain needs (short and repeated absences in particular). But when you go on a longer period, the calculation is quickly done: with average rates of 10 to 15 euros per day per animal, keeping them at home allows you to save a lot of money depending on the length of your holiday and the formula you choose (Specialty Agency, or Platform). Do the math!


Have a quiet holiday and really enjoy it


“Provided everything goes well at home “… ” As long as my dog acclimates well to the board …”. Who has never been a little worried far from home? Homeowners who have their house kept are unanimous when they come back from their holidays: ”  We really could have disconnected …”, ”  We knew that if there was anything, we would be warned immediately  “. Peace of mind is priceless!


Make happy by proposing your home

A nice house, a city or a pleasant region to discover: have you ever thought that staying at home can make other people happy? Some French pensioners can thus afford a holiday they could not finance if they had to provide for the hotel or rental fees: they are often registered in home-sitting agencies. This is also the case of young couples, single people living in apartments, for whom a stay in the countryside represents a nice break.


Make new friends and … why not on the other side of the world?

Having your house guarded through an international site can be a way to make friends in other countries. And the repercussions are sometimes unexpected when links are created: it is not uncommon for families to stay in touch, and this can sometimes even lead to youth exchanges. Have you ever thought that hosting Americans, Australians, Canadians, Spaniards or English at home could allow your children to meet new people? to create links, to open oneself to other cultures?


Attempted? Which solution to use? Rather welcome retirees, or a young couple? to call people in your country, or on the other side of the world? Specialized Agency or Platform, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each formula. There is certainly one that is for you!