Living Conditions of the Ordinary South-East Asian City-Dweller

Living Conditions of the Ordinary South-East Asian City-Dweller

If you are the travelling type, then you have probably noticed the differences between living conditions depending on what corner of the world you are from. Probably one of the more interesting city types to live in resides in south-east Asia. While there are a decent number of poor people in some Asian countries, just as there are in most other countries of the world, the average city-dweller has a very particular living style. Each country in south-east Asia has some differences in the way in which they live, but there are a few similarities which account for most of the people.

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Apartment Buildings

In countries such as the United States or Australia, there’s plenty of room for every family to own a house of their own; however, do you think a country such as China with a population of more than one billion is capable of this as well? It is not! Most, if not all of the countries in south-east Asia are in the same position as China. This is why the majority of people live in apartment complexes. Most of the buildings that these people will live inside will be at least nine floors tall and can reach anywhere up to forty stories in total. More often than not each floor will have four separate apartments up for rent or purchase. This means that the average apartment building can contain between 36 to 160 families! Apartment life, especially in a sky scraper, is quite different to life in a house. When you live in a house you will likely get traffic noise and the occasional rat or other animal; if you live in an apartment, not only will you hear the sound traffic, but also the sound of children bouncing a ball just above your head on the floor on top of you. Can you imagine living with random strangers below, above, and on all sides of you?

Family Sticks Together!

Another major factor of the living conditions for south-east Asians is the culture. In most Caucasian cultures once the children grow up they leave home. Most children leave the comfort of their parent’s home by the age of 25. In Asian culture, most children stay with their parents for their whole lives. Most of these apartment houses that you will see will contain at least three generations of people inside them. You will have the original parents and their children, and then when their sons get married their wife will come to live with them and their children will stay there too! While this may come as a shock to many people, the culture is beautiful and the closeness of family is something that all Asians cherish. This closeness does mean that they have much less housing space per person than in other continents, but it does also mean that the people who care for you most are always right across the room from you! Sounds nice to me!